"The place where Prince Hall Eastern Stardom all began"


Queen Esther Chapter No. 1 - Meeting 3rd Thursday of the Month - 7:30pm
Officers 2013  





Worthy Matron
Bernada A. Bassett












Worthy Patron
Roland S. Venable



Worthy Matron Bernada A. Bassett
Worthy Patron Roland S. Venable, PP
Associate Matron Brenda Huff 
Associate Patron Leonard L. Young, PGWP
Conductress Vickie McNair
Associate Conductress Tamalyn D. Smith
Treasurer Lula M. Campbell, PAGL
Secretary Bonita L. Bell, PAGL
Trustee, Chair Betty J. Spann
Trustee, North Etta M. Hunt, PM
Trustee, South Blanche Adams, PM
Chaplain Francis H. Thomas
Assistant Secretary Carolyn Hunter, OESGL
Marshal Alvin F. Smith
Musician Bessie L. Hiler
Christian Flag VACANT
OES Flag Joyce L. Hudgins
Warder Emily A. Palmer
Sentinel Nathaniel W. Lawrence, Sr., PGWP
Adah Barbara B. Dixon, PM
Esther Brenda E. Makins, PM
Martha Barbara Venable















Schedule of Events 2013

  • 02/21 – 1st Degree
  • 03/21 – 2nd Degree
  • 03/30 – Main Activity
  • 04/18 – 3rd Degree
  • 05/16 – Birthday/Shower



Chapter Information






1000 U Street NW, Washington, DC 20001
Phone 202.483.0495
Semi Annual Communication: June 13, 2013 - Annual Communication: December 12 - 14, 2013
Georgiana Thomas Grand Chapter Established May 24th, 1892 A.D.
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